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Get yourself involved in mission of Transforming a life

Select a Child to Sponsor

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Choose a Child with an amount u can sponsor

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Sponsor him & Get weekly Report Card

 Sponsoring a child

Enjoy your life long relationship

Sponsoring a Child @ Rs. 750 Per month/ or US $ 15 or more

It starts with Choosing a Child, you want to sponsor. Our team has located a number of Children in your area and at other places where our team is working. When you become a Sponsor, you will help a child break free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It is also a relationship that extends to the child's family and the community. For Rs.750/- a month, you can TRANSFORM HIS LIFE.


Donate one time for a Child

Option no. 2

Donate one time
for Food & Clothes
Amount u have to pay = Rs. 500 or more


Donation of Small Amount of Rs. 50 per head collectively done by Office staff

Option no. 3

Donate Just Rs. 50

Amount u have to pay = Rs. 50 X Number of Staff Members

If you are working in a corporate office and you are a team who wants to sponsor a child collectively than this is the best option for you. You all can collect Rs. 50 or more from each one your office members and deposit same with us


Corporate Sponsoring with an amount of Rs. 11,000 or more

Option no. 4

Sponsor 5 Children or more

Sponsor 5 Children collectively or choose more children as per your will to sponsor


This is quite simple

Step One -

1) Select a child from our website or call us at +91-9650907403 or sms us.

Step Two -

2) Make a Promise to yourself to change the life of a child in need and the child's community through your regular contribution of Rs. 750/ per month or US $ 15 every month.

Step Three -

3) Deposit your Contribution in our bank account monthly or half yearly or annually.

Step Four -

4) Enjoy your Relationship with the Child throughout life


Our Team has located and identified Poor Children

1) Our team of Volunteers is working in their own area and has located a number of Children in their respective area and at other places where ShantiShanam is working.

2) After finding a child we take a photo and issue him a Identity card.

3) A data is maintained with details of mother and father with photographs.

4) After issuing card our team immedietely provide the child with food, clothes and health security