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Spiktel dominates to only quality products. Since the adventure of fiber optics spiktel has led the way with innovative cable technologies that deliver exceptional solutions for our customers through its FIBER OPTIC MULTIPLEXERS AND MEDIA CONVERTERS. Our manufacturing facilities for our cable products include various designs like ADSS, Indoor Loose tube, OPGW and various Composite designs.

Spiktel is hiring a team of highly experienced engineers who carefully analyze each customer’s application, then customize products to best fit those needs. Spiktel is competent in providing best ACTIVE AND PASSIVE PRODUCTS IN INDIA.

Spiktel resources are available for on-site training and installation oversight to ensure your cable functions reliably for many years to come. Spiktel used to perform various tests for their manufactured cables like Maximum Installation Load Test, Impact Test, Compression test, Repeated bending Test, Cable Bend Test, Temperature cycling Test, Water Penetration Test etc. to ensure the supply of best product in market.

The company is ISO 9001- 2008 certified by UKAS for our guaranteed quality products.

Rack Mount Chassis


ST 2001 FA can support 16 function card and 2 power supply card. ST 2001 FA full configuration: 1 SNMP card, 15 (or 16) function card and 2power supply module (1 redundant module) Supports Spiktel complete protocol converter series, fiber modem series , 4E1 fiber optical Multiplexers series. Centralized SNMP rack mount solution allows network operator efficiently use expensive collocation place in racks, monitor network and deploy efficient fiber point-to-multipoint systems for access networks.


Fiber Multiplexers


AN-FM-30 E1 G.703 fiber modems / converters can be used in applications, when electrical E1 G.703/G.704 signal conversion and transmission to high distances are needed. Traditional E1 120 ohm interface, which uses UTP twisted pair, transmission distance is only 100 m. What to do, if distance is more than 1 km, moreover - 100 and more km? SST-Drop Cables are the perfect solution for drop applications. A drop cable access tool is also available, making installations faster, safer and easier. Also we provide FXO FXS PDH FIBER MUTILPLEXERS INDIA for enhanced transmission


FXS/FXO Fiber Mux


AN-FM-PCM30 fiber Multiplexers can provide 1-8 channels, 1-16 channels, 1-24 channels, or 1-30 channels telephone through optical cable, the network application is point-to-point, supporting FXO/FXS. It has solved telephone transmission problem of edge customers. This equipment uses special digital multiple-connected chip whose function is formidable, and it integrates nearly all the digital logical function of equipment, thus remarkably enhancing product performance and reducing cost.


Media Converters


AN-UM100 series media converter complies with IEEE802.3 standards, It is designed to convert data signal between 10/100 Base-TX and 100 Base-FX fast Ethernet. The media converter is connected between Fiber cable and twisted cable segments with network. The media converter is connected between Fiber cable and twisted cable segments with network operating smoothly. This converter model can be used as slide-in module to the 19 converter rack. In addition to that RS232/RS485 TO FIBER OPTIC MEDIA CONVERTER IN INDIA is provided by spiktel. The media converter is connected between Fiber cable and twisted cable segments with network operating smoothly. This converter model can be used as slide-in module to the 19 converter rack.


SFP Modules


AD-net Technology SFP transceiver is a plug-in module and it is hot-swappable. It allows for seamless integration of fiber with copper LAN connections wherever SFP interface slots are available. Such device is economical, it saves time, offers flexibility and eliminates the necessity for replacing entire devices when the customers need to change or upgrade fiber connections. The SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable ) transceivers is compliant with SFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement ) and SFF-8472. All modules satisfy Class I Laser Safety requirements in accordance with the international IEC-825 standards.


Video/Audio Converters


AN-DV1000 series supports any high resolution dynamic or stationary picture high-fidelity transmit. It also can be anti-disturbance against several signals, environment, and work stably. It is widely used in security monitoring and control, high way, electronical policy management, automation control, intelligent residential districts and so on.


Interface Converters

Interface Converters allow connection and interoperability of equipment having dissimilar combinations of standard communication interfaces. Interface converters allow for differences in both physical connectors and signal levels.