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Mission & Vision

Shanti Sthanam Foundation - International organisation for ensuring Peace and Food for All

SHANTISTHANAM means a place for creating Peace. And Peace is concerned with both the “outer and inner”. .

Peace is there when stomach is not empty. Peace is there when work and equal opportunity to earn prevails there in society. Peace is there when communal and religious understanding with inter Religious and inter communal faith prevails in society. .

Together we can make it happen In conflict areas worldwide local people are building peace. Stopping violence, saving lives, healing shattered communities. ShantiSthanam through its team consisting of thousands of people around the world have chosen to help them - to stand up for peace and show these local heroes they are not alone. ShantiSthanam directly helps them, and you can help them too. .

Our leadership development model begins with a transformational camp session in affected areas for exceptional young people and educators living in conflict. The program shifts attitudes and perceptions and builds respect and empathy. Our approach continues through year-round local programs that strengthen relationships and leadership capacities. We educate and spread a word about the common things, common belief system amongst all different religions and community.

Religion & Communal Harmony
Eastablishing Communal & Religious Harmony

Working for peace in Riots area, War conflict zone

Child Sponsorship
Stress Free and Joyfull living is the need

feeding a hungary
Feeding a hungary will solve half of the world's problem

Food & Providing skills with livelihood opportunity for Poor

Feeding Hungry is one of the main target of Shanti Sthanam Foundation. We believe in giving out balanced meals to the hungry. LET NO ONE SLEEPS HUNGRY. If in a community or society 5000 families are living, we think that they can manage the hunger of 100 of poor people living nearby.

Feeding hungry
Feeding hungry is God's own work

Food for all
Distribution of food from the Devine Kitchen

Child Sponsorship
Child sponsorship for education-food & Clothes

feeding a hungary
Feeding a hungary will solve half of the world's problem

Cooking new food and managing surplus food from party and marriages left over, can solve the problem. .

It is a Simple Process

- Making Devine kitchen in your Society/ Community/ village/ Area .

- After creating facility of Devine kitchen in a society/ area, all members of society, Shopkeepers, Businessmen, Self Employed people donate to the organization to run that kitchen. Members of ShantiSthanam identify poor people within the range of that area and issue Id cards with photo so that poor and underprivileged people can come and get food. This identification of people also check upon burglars, thieves and other pick picketers

Partnership with Restaurant and Caterers for Surplus Food

- The team members of Shanti Sthanam Foundation search local caterers and restaurants and go with a kind of Partnership with them. They ask for a heads up about any events lined up in the coming week. In the middle of a wedding/ event, the caterer gives them a call to tell them about the approximate amount of food that is going to be leftover. A team of volunteers who are closest to the venue is dispatched to collect the spare food from the organizer/vendor. Usually the spread in weddings and events is quite lavish, and a plate of surplus food can make more than one balanced meal. The food is collected around 12:30 a.m. and distributed to the needy immediately.